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Serigrafi, Büyükada, 23/25, 2021, 27x30 cm, Çerçeveli



Anna Saifulina was born in 1989 in Mariupol, Ukraine. She became interested in arts in childhood. During college, she was trained in academic drawing, watercolor painting and composition. She always experimented with styles, materials and forms.

Anna has traveled to and lived in the US, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. In 2016, she relocated to Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul's fascinating architecture and mix of cultures has played a major role in the development of her original style. Anna combines fine lines and splashes of color, working mostly with alcohol based inks and markers. She experiments with geometrical shapes that create optical illusions.

Anna continues to meticulously explore different areas of Istanbul and capture them on paper. In her detailed drawings, one can find Istanbul's popular sights together with lesser-known architectural objects.