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Tuval üzeri karışık teknik, 50x50 cm, Çerçeveli


Efe Kasaplar was born in Ankara in 1981, Although he got to university twice He didn't complete his studies on geological engineering and management.He made his choice and turned to painting art in 1998 after his decision he opened an art class in GAZİ İİBF Faculty and he was the leader of this class , besides this he worked as an assistant at various art studios .While he was opening exhibitions both mixed and personal the painter Efe decorated cafes ,restaurants and schools' walls The artist 's main subjects are the naturel and culturel contrasts also he gives a place to ırregular urbanization and miniature painting Efe Kasaplar has been going on his studies in his art studio in ANKARA In 2016 Efe Kasaplar’s paintingwhich is called “Don Quixote” was accepted the “Collection of Don Quixote's House” which was in The Mönchehaus Museum” in Goslar, Germany