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Tuval üzeri yağlı boya, 40x30 cm, Çerçeveli


Derya Yildiz was born in Ankara, in 1971. She is a kind of person who breaths with painting, and she attended a lot of art fairs and local and international workshops. She had six successful personal exhibitions, and for believing the necessity of theoretical knowledge as well as the emotional dimension of what she do, she is going to complete her professional education of art in Gazi University next year which she enrolled three years ago by passing the university exam. This exhibition including the people making music is the first exhibition of Derya Yildiz in our gallery. ‘Derya’s paintings are the transformation of music and colors to human. When we look at her paintings we feel a serious rain of music. Fairytale figures which are created by brushes of delightful poetic touches present us a pure and simple expression. The ladies who are reflecting a clear state of mind make the audience listen a symphony with their instruments in every single painting with the unity of color, light and composition trio. Derya Yildiz is taking us a musical journey in every painting and she is exciting us. Derya, with her extraordinary interpretations and composing contrast and vivid colors in a harmonic symphony in her paintings, and being an artist who has future’s new enthusiasms, has the signs of standing on the stage of art with her new and different figures.’Ömer Muz, March 2015. ‘When you visit an exhibition or a fair some of the paintings call you ‘Stop, do not pass me, view me’. This message can be given to the viewer by the artist. Derya Yildiz’s paintings were also the ones which gave me these feelings when I visited ArtAnkara Art Fair in Ankara. Her paintings were absolutely different. At the same time this difference was created via short and sharp messages, and it was another beauty. The paintings which are oil painting on canvas express the combination of the structure of woman’s being and contemporary life harmonically. In this series of work, the artist composed the rhythm in the music and harmony in painting.’ Vecdi Uzun, March 2015.