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Duralit üzeri yağlı boya, 30x20 cm, Çerçeveli


Orhan Umut was born in 1972 in Diyarbakir, Turkey. He is a painter and visual artist based in Diyarbakir. He received his bachelor’s degree in Painting from the Department of Painting at Dokuz Eylul University 1993 – 1997. The artist participated in many group exhibitions, 50 solo exhibitions. His works were exhibited in renowned museums and art fairs. Currently Orhan Umut continues his master’s degree in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Gazi University, Ankara.
2010 Anadolu Üniversitesi “Yunus Emre” Resim Yarışması “Award of Merit”
2007 İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Painting Competition “3rd Prize”
2007 68th Government Painting Sculpture Competition “Special Jury Prize”
2006 Eczacılar Birliği 50th Anniversary Painting Competition “Award of Merit”
2005 Diyabet Vakfı Painting Competition“Honorable Mension”
2004 65th Government Painting Sculpture Competition “Award of Merit”
1998 D.S.İ Painting Competition “3rd Prize”
1997 T.P.V Painting Competition “Special Jury Prize”