Ahşap üzeri karışık teknik, 6x7 cm, Çerçeveli

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I was born in Balıkesir. I had completed my middle and higher education in Ankara. I had lived in Hamburg and Washington DC for 7 years. I began to study painting in Washington. After coming back to Turkey in 2000, I had studied with artist Gülseren Sönmez. In 2001, I joined the workshops of artist Hikmet Çetinkaya and artist Erdoğan Seçil.  I believe in that art is an inseparable part of life and accept art as a mirror reflecting life. Within this belief,  I aim to share my observations and endless love for universe through my paintings as an excitement of color, stain and texture. I have had several personal exhibitions and have attended very many group exhibitions in and out of Turkey. I have also taken part in various art fairs, workshops and plein air painting organizations in Turkey and other countries. Paris, Moscow, Athens, Plovdiv and Reggio Emilia are some of the cities where my paintings were exhibited.  I am a member of AKD (the Association of  Woman Painters in Ankara) and UPSD (UNESCO AIAP The International  Association of Art).  In addition to painting, I also have personal development workshops in my own atelier.