Karton üzeri karışık teknik, 20x14 cm

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Babür K. Incedayı is a professor of interior an industrial design in İstanbul. He studied in the Academy of Fine Arts at the Department of Interior Design in Istanbul and graduated in 1969. Between 1969 and 1974 he studied and worked in Italy and did some researches in Rome and Milan in the area of industrial design. İn 1975 he returned to Turkey and has started to teach at the Academy of Fine Arts, in the Department of Industrial Design. In 2003 he established a new department called “Art and Design” at the Yeditepe University in İstanbul, and is still heading and teaching in this department. Professor İncedayı has a lot of degrees in international competitions of art and design and he participated in some exhibitions and fairs in Turkey and abroad. Some of his designs have been published in the international journals such as, Interforniture, Interni, Casa Vogue, Vomo Vogue and Arreda. In his work he specially focuses on the reproduction of the traditional forms and values in the modern design, and on transmitting them in today’s life. In his private exhibition named “Forming from the Past to the Future” in 2004 in İstanbul he shows the inspirations from the ancient times and their reflections on today’s industrial design. İn the year of Mevlana in 2007 he has prepared a new collection of design related to the research of Mevlana due to the Year of Mevlana announced by Unesco. Design Boom Beyond Silver-Milano Italy International Silver Jewelry Competition, December 2008. (finalist) Design Turkey Design Awards, 2008 İstanbul Exhibition (finalist) “Mevlana Exhibition”, Art 8 Galery in the Sofa Hotel, Istanbul, October 2008. Konference titled “Arte e Designo in Turco), Fine Arts Academy of Roma, Italy, 2010. Private exhibition titled “Shapes from Past to Future”, Galery Art Depo, Istanbul, May, 2004. Paintings and Graphics for the Archeological Museum in Tekirdağ, Turkey, 2011. (museums exhibition) Collective exhibition titled “States of Material”, Art Galery Armaggan, May-August 2012. Private exhibition for “Şeb-i Aruz” program of the Konya Governorate in Konya, December, 2013. Collective exhibition titled “New Meeting” for Yeditepe University artists, Artisan Art Galery, Istanbul, January 2013. Special exhibited objects designed for the Armaggan Art Stores special collection, approx. 20 design object in the permanent exhibition, Istanbul, 2008-2014. Private exhibition titled “Traces and Dreams, A Design Voyage”, Armaggan Shop, Special Design Collection and Exhibition, May 2014, Istanbul. Jim Walrod – The Radical Lighting Collection of Jim Walrod March 31- April 19, 2015 New York, USA Exhibit of Dervish Convent Objects Among Turkish Community Maryland USA October/November 2015