80x70 cm, tuval üzeri yağlı boya, çerçevesiz


He was born in Germany on April 10th, 1981. Being a self-taught artist, he embarked on his journey, taking his time to create an art style unique unto himself, and he has been professionally carrying out his artistic work from Bursa since 2014.


He argues that he does not like the pressure put on artists to stick to a certain classical style or mentality. He believes that a clearer message can be relayed when the artist lets a natural connection form between that which he sees and what his mind perceives it as.  He likes making use of different techniques and materials.


He is the kind of artist who finds inspiration in everything in life. He is of the belief that everything that makes up our lives – what we see, what we feel, what we experience, all has a profound effect on us, and that when the time is right everything comes back to us in the form of inspiration.


His work has been displayed at the following exhibitions:


2015 PUCA Art Gallery - Bursa, Turkey

2015 Juno - Istanbul, Turkey

2015 & 2016 ARMAGGAN Gallery - Istanbul, Turkey

2016 Akeramos Center for Arts - Bursa, Turkey

2016 & 2017 The Brick Lane Gallery - London, UK

2017 Kryon Art Gallery - Amsterdam, Holland

2018 Gallery A - Izmir, Turkey

2018 Contemporary Istanbul - Istanbul, Turkey

2019 Turker Art Solo Exhibition - Istanbul, Turkey


A selection of his works will be available for viewing online at Buyuk Muzayede starting August 2020.