120x80 cm, çerçeveli

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Spyros Georgas was born in 1958 in Athens. He completed his education in the Academy of Fine Arts of Florendia and Bolonia and took lessons from the famous painter Gergeos Koyzoynis. He designed paintings for children’s books and posters for theatre plays during his art life, and in addition he contributed to the advertising campaign of the American music festival. Georgas gained the greatest experience of his art life during his visit to Asia in the years of 1995-96. He has been teaching drawing and color lessons for the students who want to join the Academy of Fine Arts since 1996. In addition to a research and review book about “Color-Nature and Art”, his three books which cover life stories and works of three great painters Konstantinos Parthenis, Yannis Tsarouchis, and George Bouzianis were published from Finetec publications between the years of 1998 and 2001.