75x100 cm, çerçeveli

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Cem Basarir is a Canadian contemporary urban artist who loves city life. He studied Fine Arts as a young person and focused particularly on thelives of painters and the art that emerged from them. Cem believes that creativity and uniqueness are very important in today’s works of art. He often feels that many art schools and teachers, as well as lovers of art, tend to be too focused on the academics of art and tend to imitateor, at best, repeat what has been done before by other artists. Over the years—constantly exploring ways of expressing his own art and turning out paintings that would reflect his approach—he has been searching for something new. And now, after many years of painting and experimenting, Cem feels confident that he has indeed found a new way to express on canvas what he sees in the world around him in a style that is specifically his own. “I believe that in my paintings I am connecting the present and the past. My paintings are classic in subject matter (streetscenes, people, nature, etc.) but my way to bring all of this to life, to give everything a distinctive voice in my paintings, is contemporary and fresh.”Cem doesn’t really like to talk about his art. Rather, he wants to let his pieces tell the viewer their very own story—if the viewer is ready to engage with the painting. That is why the faces of people in his paintings tend to appear deceptively neutral. What Cem wants is to invite the viewer to enter the painting and be with the person there, to add his or her own feelings to what is there, and to have an encounter that can transcend time andspace.On the other hand, most of the details in his painting reflect his masterful technique to create precise and carefully nuanced detail. Above all, Cem is excited and proud to be able to add his own way of seeing and making art to the art scene in Toronto.