28x38 cm, çerçeveli

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He completed his middle and high school education in Ayvalık. He continued Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting at Marmara University between 1978-1980. He completed Atelier of Prof. Waldemar Otto as Meister schüler in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at Bremen Fine Arts Academybetween 1982-1986. He founded his first workshop in Germany in 1988. He opened his second workshop with State Scholarship in 1990. 1991 He was elected president of Bremen Union of Immigrant Artists.
In 1996, he opened new workshop and gallery. From that date on, he continued his cultural activities and artistic works only in the gallery. Since 1996, he has been giving preparatory courses for the Academy. He has also been a court painter for ARD-WDR TV channels. He took part in exhibitions and events within the scope of Turkish cultural days at the Lieben Frauen kircheand returned to Turkey in 2008. He continues to work at his workshop in Ankara.