Zekiye Akalın

Drosa 100x100 cm (çerçevesiz duble şase)


The artist was born in Berlin, Germany. She continued her education in Turkey. She lived in an old
Greek village where she didn't know the language locals were speaking. This period of her life had
important effects on her world of imagination. This is why the name of most of her works is in Greek
language. She graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Education Faculty of Fatih,
Department of Graphic Arts. She completed his academic life as the third at the university and as the
second in her department. She has been working as a Visual Arts teacher at the Ministry of Education
in Ankara. She performed two personal exhibitions. Furthermore, she took part in many national and
international group exhibitions. Her works exhibited in various collections.

2003 Super Star Achievement Award
Achievement awards given by Ministry of National Education in 2003-2015
2013 Provincial first place in story category 2016 Saküder Art and Craftsmen Society award painting
2017 Colortone me r Bedriye Fidan Women and Color ’resim painting contest.
2017 Adana Painters Association painting competition worthy of the award.
Arnavutköy Municipality Cultural Center / Istanbul (2002)
Bakırköy Basad Art Gallery / Istanbul (2003)
Erzincan Rectorate Art Gallery (2013)
Erzincan University Fine Arts Gallery Oil Painting Group Exhibition / Erzincan (2015)
Erzincan Rectorate Art Gallery Group Painting Exhibition / Erzincan (2015)
Fine Art Art Gallery Group Exhibition / Ankara (2016)
Fine Art Art Gallery Social Responsibility Project / Ankara (2016)
Müjdat Gezen ART Center / Ankara (2016)
Müjdat Gezen ART Center / Ankara (2017)
Colors of Time Mixed Plastic Arts Exhibition / Ankara (2017)
Black Sea School Group Exhibition-1 / Emin Antik Art Gallery Ankara / (2017)
Group Painting Exhibition Trabzon Days / AKM (2018)
Contemporary Arts Center / Ankara (2019)
Trabzon Fine Arts Gallery (2019)
Ministry of National Education Bugün Today in Education ”Exhibition (2019)

Da Vinci Art 87.Rue De Clery 750002 PARIS / FRANCE
International Art Festival / Trabzon (2016) Trabzon Fine Arts Gallery
Not afraid ‘’ International Women's Day International Exhibition Galeria Mavist Istanbul (2017)
International Art Festival / Trabzon Fine Arts Gallery (2016)
3rd Contemporary Art Fair 2017 ATO Congresium
Adana Painters Association Painting Competition Exhibition / Adana (2017)
TRABZON / Contemporary Arts Center / ANKARA (2018)
4th International Armada Art Festival / Ankara (2018)
10th International Art Days / Trabzon (2018)
4th Contemporary Art Fair 2018 ATO Congresium
Gallery Abstract New December Exhibition (2018)
5th Contemporary Art Fair 2019 ATO Congresium

Culture and Art Magazine 2017
Ankara Life 2017
In the modern world where mankind is very much intertwined with reality, the individual the artist
tries to break up from this reality. She performs her art by interpreting the problems of the world
from the perspective of her inner world and by the help of her imagination. Art sets out with colors
and textures from the artist to the world of reality to gain new meanings in individuals.
This period, the painter uses three main objects in her compositions: women, horses and keys.
According to the artist, as time flows in an infinite loop, every new emotion of soul experiences is a
new door. This experienced doors are a bridge to infinity or closed forever.