NUR DOĞU KOÇAK Click for Artist Information

100x49 cm, Çerçevesiz



The artist is from a family of Konya origin, was born in Gelibolu due to his father’s duty, and completed primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara, where he came at very young age. She has won first place nad third place awards and honourable mentions in the painting contests he has participated in high school period. In this period, she also trained in a production workshop on jewellery and started her dreams of design with various kinds of jewellery. She spread her undergraduate study starting at Selçuk University Science and Literature Faculty, German Language and Literature to a long period of time by entering Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Arts Department which she had dreamed since her childhood. She has stated at every opportunity that he feels privileged to have a chance to get education from Hasan Pekmezci, Kaya Özsezgin, Zafer Gençaydın, Sıtkı Erinç, Zahit Büyükişleyen and many other valuable teachers.

After school, she first took her place as an illustrator in a pioneering publishing house in the pre-school publishing industry. She later worked in all fields of her profession and gained important experiences. She has returned to publishing with the influence of her daughter, whom she gave birth after having worked as senior manager in various advertising agencies, written and visual media. She has many books for preschool and school age printed to date. In the period when she did her own business, she has conducted many corporate works. She was entitled to receive the first prize of CNR Fuarcilik with the fair stand prepared for Tepe Group during this period.

Stating that contrasts in his life and works are always interesting, the artist thinks that pencil drawing and patterns to which she pays much attention have a different magic, but paint and spatula are the correct and sufficient tools to express the vigour of the senses in abstract painting. She points out that her graphic education has always been an advantage to her in painting art and forces her to try different materials. She emphasizes that art can be done in all areas of life, and that every kind of object can be transformed into a work of art based on a viewpoint.

She has been continuing her works with her students in her art school which she calls “my favourite work” for the last six years.