HAYDAR EKİNEK Click for Artist Information

50x70 cm, Çerçeveli


Ekinek was born in a village named Comakli, located in Van, on March 15, 1967. He received his primary and secondary education from Iskele District Boarding School and completed his high school education from Van Industrial Vocational High School. He won first place prizes in painting competitions during his middle school and high school years.


Painting, which was initially just a hobby, slowly started playing a more prominent role in his life. The artist, known for his unique approach, constantly worked on revamping his style and raised his profile amongst his fellow artists.


He pioneered the use of nails instead of brushes, not only in Turkey but also in the world, to create unique and unmatched works of art. This, along with the exhibitions he held in Turkey from time to time, is how he made an indelible impression in the art world.


His biggest quality is staying true to his roots and sharing the universal language of art with not only his countrymen but also with people across the globe.